• Fully-equipped location to host children's parties

    The Playtimes Playgroup setting in Spaldwick has all the indoor and outdoor facilities you need to host a wonderful party for your children and their friends.

  • Hall Hire Policy
    • All bookings are subject to Playtimes Conditions of Hire
    • Fire regulation limitations are:
      • 90 for general usage
      • 120 seated
    • Prices and contracts to be reviewed annually in July by the committee
    • Hirers of the hall must have their own public liability cover and attach a copy of the policy document to their booking form
  • Terms & Conditions for Hiring Playtimes Setting
  • Booking:

    1. For all one-off bookings (e.g. Party) a booking form will need to be completed and returned with payment in full for the hire period, upon receipt of which booking confirmation will be given.
    2. All regular bookings will need to complete a written contract and pay for bookings monthly, in advance, upon receipt of an invoice from Playtimes.


    The user group is responsible for booking extra time to allow for cleaning and returning the room to the condition in which it was found. If they do not wish to clean, this can be requested on the booking form for a £20.00 cleaning fee.

    Cleaning Requirements:

    1. To flush all toilets used during the hire period.
    2. To wipe down any kitchen surface used.
    3. To hoover the carpet area or wash the floor if used.
    4. Please leave the building with the Playgroup furniture and equipment as found.


    The building must be left safe and secure at the end of the hire period. The fire doors and windows shut, and the alarm set. (This will be the responsibility of the keyholder).

    Returnable Indemnity Deposit:

    This is a cheque held by Playtimes to recoup the costs of expenses incurred for damages to property and equipment of cleaning costs.

    £25.00 individual bookings.

    £40.00 regular bookings (per term basis).

  • Application form to hire Playtimes Setting
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