• Playtimes-Preschool

  • Playtimes follows the Early Years Foundation Stage set out by the Department for Education and Skills.

    Children may join Preschool from when they turn 2. 

    Each session is planned and includes play activities that help progress the children’s learning and development in each of the areas covered by the early learning goals. Children are encouraged through play to use all of their senses to explore the world around them. We provide safe and stimulating opportunities, using encouragement and praise for effort.

    Please see our photo gallery for examples of activities and events.  


    A link to the current EYFS Framework document click HERE

  • Time Activity
    Parents and children welcomed into foyer upon their arrival.
    8.45 Staff Meet: Discuss the plan of day including Key Activities deployment and any information regarding the children
    9.00 Parents may leave - encourage the children to the quiet area for the hello song and register Free Play Workstation
    9.30 Free flow outside Play at children’s request
    10.00 Fruit time Children to self-serve prepare and clean away with staff supervision.
    11.00 Nappy Time
    11.20 Tidy up music on - children to quiet area staff to allocate tidy up tasks to children member of staff present in each area to give encouragement
    11.30 10 min small group sessions e.g: talking boxes phonics story singing.
    11.45 Wash hands for lunch
    11.50 Lunch time - encourage children to clear away their own lunchboxes and help tidy up. When children have finished eating free play is available to them.
    12.30 End of lunch club - encourage children to stop and listen while the afternoon register is called. Free Play.
    13.00 Free flow outside Play at children’s request
    13.30 Fruit time as per morning session.
    14.00 Nappy time
    14.40 Tidy up music on as per morning session.
    14.50 Whole group time story nursery rhymes goodbye song book bags given out.
    15.00 Session End. Parents arrive and have the opportunity to briefly discuss the day with the staff.