• Playtimes maintains a wonderful relationship with our neighbouring school, Spaldwick School. In addition to SClub, our Out of School club, which caters to all students at Spaldwick School, we also do all that we can to ensure our pre-schoolers get experience and exposure to what is a head for them when that are old enough to attend.

    We attend many of the events that put on at Spaldwick school such as watching the dress rehearsal of the nativity play and doing a Pre-School Race at the Spaldwick School annual sports day.

    In addition, for those children moving up to Reception, we hold Rising 5's in the last half term before the summer break. This gives the pre-schoolers valuable experience, practising getting their gym kit off and on by themselves, and learning to raise your hand when you have something to say. In addition, they get to know the reception teacher who will come across to Playtimes and spend a little time getting to know the future pupils